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IoTeX Shiba
2 min readNov 30, 2021

Crypto is the future of our finance, but the future of humanity is at risk. Only through a joint effort can we preserve a good future for our children. The IoTexShiba team feels to be in duty to do our part.

As our symbol is a Shiba Inu, we would like to support projects that are dedicated to the protection and rescue of animals and their ecosystems.

The selection of projects is based on strict criteria and we only choose organizations that work with great transparency and credibility. Over time, we will introduce more and more organizations that we would like to work with. We have to hold our $IoShib, but if we can, we will donate some of our reflections.

Another source of revenue will be our NFTs, which we will reveal more details about later. A large portion of this revenue will also go to our animal welfare partners.

We will document all our sponsorships and donations with certificates and receipts and make them visible on our website. We want to work with full transparency.

As our first partner organization we would like to introduce WTG Welttierschutz-Gesellschaft. A German company that is involved in animal rescue worldwide.

Our first donation of $1000 was thankful recieved by Welttierschutz-Gesellschaft.

Help us to grow together and contribute to make the world a better place. We strongly believe the IoTexShiba project can become something unique in the crypto space and show the world that profit and generosity do not have to be contrasts.



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