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2 min readApr 20, 2022


Dear IoTex Shiba Community. We would like to usher in a new era in the history of our project. The foundation of our DAO.

We want to increase the decentralisation of our project and also involve our key shareholders better in decisions about the future of IoTexShiba.

This is just a first step by building our core board. We plan move more into a full DAO over time. Therefore, access to the DAO will be temporary reserved exclusively for holders who have a wallet with at least 500 million $IoShib tokens. In addition, a certain reputation in the community is required to join the DAO. It is possible, that we could introduce lower Tiers in a later stage after we have builded the core structure or even a full voting system.

What are advantages of joining the DAO?

  • Direct influence on the further development of our project and our future plans and partnerships. Your voice has a direct weight.
  • An exclusive individual Shibapunk NFT as your avatar. This is not an official part of our Shibapunk Collection, but a special gift for founding members.
  • Better insights into the structures of IoTexShiba. News and Updates about IoTexShiba are shared first in the DAO group.
  • Monthly updates on IoShib’s current market cap to liquidity ratio and token distribution.

What are possible future advantages?

  • The possibility of exclusive OTC deals to sell $IoShib tokens to our business partners or at CEX listings without slippage.
  • DAO members could have exclusive rights to whitelist spots and other rewards should we offer such things in the future.

Become part of a very exclusive club of $IoShib whales and be part of the future.

What requirements must be met?

  • Be a recognised member of our community.
  • Proof, that you own a wallet with at least 500m $IoShib tokens.

If you meet these conditions, contact Mike Landen on Telegram with your wallet and get the invitation link from him. Monthly checks will make sure only those members can stay in the DAO, that continue to hold their tokens.

Once is available on IOTEX blockchain, it will be integrated to automate this process.



IoTeX Shiba

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