IoTex Shiba DAO

  • Direct influence on the further development of our project and our future plans and partnerships. Your voice has a direct weight.
  • An exclusive individual Shibapunk NFT as your avatar. This is not an official part of our Shibapunk Collection, but a special gift for founding members.
  • Better insights into the structures of IoTexShiba. News and Updates about IoTexShiba are shared first in the DAO group.
  • Monthly updates on IoShib’s current market cap to liquidity ratio and token distribution.
  • The possibility of exclusive OTC deals to sell $IoShib tokens to our business partners or at CEX listings without slippage.
  • DAO members could have exclusive rights to whitelist spots and other rewards should we offer such things in the future.
  • Be a recognised member of our community.
  • Proof, that you own a wallet with at least 500m $IoShib tokens.



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IoTeX Shiba

IoTeX Shiba

The First Community Driven Meme Project On The IoTeX Blockchain